There’s a new link in the masterpost for the audio commentary.  Walking Down the Aisle Bones style is also on there.

Bones Season 9 Extras

Some basic rules.

1. Buy a legal copy when you can. No exceptions. Bones needs all our support if we want it to keep going.

2. Reblog or like this post if you download anything. I won’t hesitate to delete everything if the # of downloads exceeds the # of notes on this post. Don’t delete these rules or - you guessed it - the links will go.

3. You may share these links outside of Tumblr but be sensible. Also, I’d like a link back to this post. If I find my links anywhere and I haven’t been credited, I’ll delete it, simple as that. I’m not just on Tumblr, y’know. I see you people who post my links and GIFs without crediting me.

4. Bones at Comic-Con won’t be available for a bit because file hosting sites are crap these days. Ones that accept big files take hours to upload them.

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Hey guys,

Please stop reblogging gifsets from there-was-n0-choice-to-make

The gifsets are stolen and comprised of reposted gifs made by other people in the fandom.

If you don’t make gifs, you might not get the big deal. But there’s nothing worse than seeing someone…

UGH at the GIF thief tagging their stolen sets as ‘mine’. Learn to use Photoshop like GIF makers have, then you can use that tag.

BONES Season 6 Extra Promotional Pictures